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RDR : Rails Dynamic Routes will enable you to define customised(user friendly) url mapping for your selected controller/action making rails' routes.rb dynamic. No need to have server restart new url mapping is loaded dynamically. No additional dependency of any gems.

Key Points

For the Dynamic Routes I have used Rails routes.rb

map.connect '#{route.map_url}', :controller => '#{route.controller}', :action => '#{route.action}'

In above typical rule the controller/action parameters are provided so that the map_url routes through the particular controller/action.In the RDR Application we are storing all the assigned map_url into db which gets loaded in routes.rb. Every time DB hit is avoided by keeping the rules in static list.


  1. Provide UI for Dynamic Routes where user can assign custom Route URL to specific action of available contorllers.
  2. User can View assigned Custom URL.
  3. User can perform Add/Edit/Delete operations from UI for Dynamic Routes.
  4. Their are some basic navigation options available in the application for making navigation between the pages simple.
  5. No Need to restart server or redeploy after assigning new URL.
  6. Removed Additional dependancies of any gems.
  7. No Need to write huge code.


You can find the latest release at:


Project Status

The code has now been updated to work with Ruby 1.8, and is compiling cleanly and working well,which is being done as we work toward a 0.1 release.

Released -
  • RDR 0.1 - Basic Features of Dynamic Routes.
  • RDR 0.2 - Provide a list of available controllers and related actions so do not need to enter the name of controller and actions for assign custom URL. Just type a require URL and view defined custome URL.